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Part Time Jobs in Alachua Florida

Do you know someone looking for a part-time job?

Send them to Teatime Tranquility & Treasures to fill out an application!

Spread the word and help us find the people you want to see when you come join us for lunch or tea.

Job Title: Tea Hostess

Job Description:

As a tea hostess it will be your responsibility to ensure our guest enjoy their time with us.

Duties Include:

Warmly welcoming our guests, serving tea with a smile & no qualms about help cleaning up.

Hours per week: 10-20

Compensation:   $ + Tips

Job Title: Kitchen Service

Job Description:

Food Prep, Clean up, Help Open & Close Shop

Duties Include:

Helping us open up shop in the morning by ensuring we have all we need to get through the day. Help in the Kitchen throughout the day, and then help close up the shop at end of the day.

Hours per week: 20-30

Compensation:   $


Please use the form to apply for a position.
Then call (386) 243-9199 to schedule an interview.

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